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Class Alerts takes the stress out of registering for classes by doing the hard work for you. Our service will monitor the classes you want to take 24/7 and will let you know when there is an opening.

Whether you need to get into a class to avoid another year of school, want to get into a class with a friend, or would rather switch out of a morning class, we can help you.

Almost all classes will have openings, and Class Alerts will help you get into them.

MATH 220 (CRN: 23437)

Status: Seats: 30 of 30 | Waitlist: 4 of 5
Last Checked: 2 seconds ago

Every 5 seconds

Most class checkers check your classes every 5 minutes. Class Alerts checks your classes every 5 seconds. That means that if a spot opens, you'll be the first to know.

We send emails, text messages, and phone calls to you when a class you're monitoring opens. We'll also continue to send messages every few minutes after a spot opens up—So don't worry if you miss the first one.


Register quickly

Our messages and emails always include a link straight to your college's registration page, so you can register as quickly as possible. We can't do all the work, but we do the hardest part.

We've helped a lot of students get into their classes, and we look forward to helping you.

  • Cal Poly Alex Oaten - Cal Poly Class Alerts made it far easier and less stressful to get into my classes. One semester, three classes I wanted to take were full, but I was able to get into every single one thanks to Class Alerts.
  • UCLA Blake Lazarine - UCLA I had been trying to get into some pretty popular classes. Before classalerts.org I had to periodically check and hope I'm lucky. Now I know that I am never missing any opportunities.
  • Columbia University Jacob Kim-Sherman - Columbia University Class Alerts really took the stress out of registering for classes, allowing me to get a spot in the perfect class at the perfect time in my schedule.


As college students ourselves, we understand that you're already paying a lot for school, so we've tried to keep prices to a minimum. We're proud to offer unlimited notifications and class monitoring for only $3 per Quarter or $4 per Semester.

It's not free, but for the best class monitoring around, we think it's a pretty good deal.